Business Development

A big part of our business development strategy utilizes our proprietary Targeted Outbound Biz Dev, Lead Generation process.

The approach we take is hands on and human centric, not automated with robots. Our experience with automation in the past when it comes to relationship building sales does not achieve the same results and professionalism that meet EPM Standards.

Outbound Marketing Strategy

Initial Strategy

Our initial strategy is typically a 4 month commitment but most of our clients work with us long term. We create our strategies collaboratively and customize our solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Outbound Campaign Overview

We run our outbound campaigns on behalf of your sales team or whomever is responsible for courting and closing new business relationships.

Initial communications are crafted and sent with the intention of gaining the highest possible response rates to begin new relationships with as many qualified leads as possible.

Cultivating relationships and setting up meetings is our number one priority.  Upholding our clients reputation is extremely important to us.

All campaigns are run utilizing learnings and A/B testing of content and communications based on previous campaigns.

We send subsequent human centric, relationship building communications pending receipt of a response over a period of 2-4 weeks.

We capture as many emails as possible for all contacts we reach out to in order to support us with targeted email sequencing and to support your future marketing efforts.

5 Step Process

Identify your ideal customer/markets

Craft communication that converts

Qualify and outbound target leads

Schedule meetings for qualified leads

Weekly performance review, strategy and reporting



Real time data reporting via CRM is provided for complete transparency and to accelerate learning for optimal campaigns.

Reports will contain all trackable data.

Invitations Sent

Accepted Invitations (Leads)

Marketing Qualified Leads


Meeting Links Sent

Meetings Scheduled

Meetings Complete

New Clients

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