Hire a
Fractional Sales Director

Merging comprehensive expertise and strategic planning without the commitment of a full-time position.


Optimized Sales

Transparent Pipeline

Most B2B Businesses Hesitate to
Scale Their Sales Because…

With EPM as your Fractional Sales Director, you'll receive seasoned expertise, enable a robust
sales strategy and ensure consistent growth without the full-time hiring commitment.

What does working with EPM look like?

Strategic Sales

Comprehensive training, support, and accountability for your sales team,
combined with creating and
executing a tailored strategy.

CRM & Automation

Implement best practices, streamline
workflows, and set up transparent,
actionable reporting and dashboards.

Sales Process

Enhance funnel building, pipeline
management, follow-up strategies,
and master closing techniques.

When we become your Fractional Sales Director, you’ll get

When we become your
Fractional Sales Director, you’ll get

Diverse Industry

From Insurance and Technology to
Philanthropy and Manufacturing, our
reach spans a wide array of sectors.


We’re tailored for small B2B sales
teams and C-level executives, driving
results without unnecessary resource

Modern Strategy

With us, it’s about enhancing what you
have. We fuse tech and AI to foster
relationships and amplify pipeline

A Comprehensive

Our signature 30/60/90 day strategies
offer more than just business insights;
they integrate with your existing strategies,
setting you up for balanced success.

Signature Conference &
Event Strategies

Ensuring the investment you make in
attending events translates into tangible business opportunities and outcomes with proven pre, during and post-event
processes and workflows.

Our Proven Track

From growing a $2.5 Billion sales pipeline
at one of the largest reinsurance
companies in the world to achieving
remarkable new client acquisitions
and retention for EPM and our clients.

With the EPM Blueprint, 
clarity replaces overwhelm.

With our Fractional Sales Directorship, we offer more than just guidance; we provide
a roadmap. Here's how we structure our collaboration for your success.

Understand your

We dive deep to comprehend the intricacies of your operations, ensuring our guidance aligns perfectly with your vision and goals.

Create a

Every business is unique, and so are our strategies. We meticulously craft a plan tailored just for you, ensuring it addresses your specific challenges and opportunities.

Training &

We don’t just strategize, we empower. Through hands-on training and steadfast support, we'll guide your team to execute the plan seamlessly, driving tangible results.