At EPM Collaborative, our primary objective is to empower your company’s growth by establishing a tailored and results-driven SEO strategy. We understand the importance of boosting organic rankings and driving targeted traffic to your website, which is why our team is dedicated to deploying and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy aligned with your company’s growth goals.

Through extensive research and competitive analysis, we identify the most valuable keyword groups to target immediately, while also setting a roadmap for future keyword groups. With our proven track record, you can expect noticeable ranking improvements within the first two months, and on average, our clients achieve first-page rankings on Google within three to five months. Our competitive analysis will provide valuable insights to gauge the competitiveness of your target market and determine the expected timeline for optimal results.

Below we outline the strategies that we implement in our SEO Services.

Strategy & Optimization Setup

Keyword Research & Analysis

We scan thousands of target keywords and analyze keywords to determine the most profitable keywords to target while screening out unrelated keywords and provide a 45 min – 1 hour meeting to review results.

Competitor Research & Analysis

We analyze the SEO strength of the top 10 websites on the 1st page of Google for each keyword we picked after our keyword research and analysis meeting and use premium SEO tools to determine SEO strength. We determine On-Page SEO strength by analyzing keyword density, SEO strength of content, internal linking structure, and other factors; and we determine Off-Page SEO strength by analyzing backlink quantity, quality, and relevance, domain rating, and other factors.

Heavy “On-Page” SEO Strategy

Once keyword groups have been identified we will start by building new “Heavy SEO Landing Pages” or redesigning and optimizing existing pages on the website.

In addition, we execute meta-data optimization, Internal linking, external linking (Geo and relevancy links); and image optimization.

Webmaster Tools Optimization


  • Google Search Console verification;
  • Sitemap optimization;
  • Robots.txt creation & installation;
  • Registration of all versions of URL;
  • Google Analytics set up and installation; and
  • Mobile usability check.

YouTube SEO


  • Keyword optimization of all text fields;
  • Keyword optimization of tags; and
  • Keyword syncing with the website for on-page SEO enhancement;
  • Local SEO strategies include 1 YouTube video;
  • E-Commerce, National and Hybrid strategies include 2 YouTube videos.

Google Business Profile Optimization & Webmaster Tools Optimization

This will optimize your website and search results through google business profile and Webmaster. Included in Local and Hybrid SEO strategies.

Product SEO

Optimization of 2 products per Heavy SEO page. 6 products total included. Included in E-Commerce and Hybrid SEO strategies.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital marketing, investing in SEO is no longer an option but a necessity. It is the catalyst that propels businesses forward, allowing them to stand out amidst the digital noise and capture the attention of their target audience. Embrace the power of SEO and unleash the full potential of your business in the digital realm. Contact us today and embark on a journey towards online success.

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Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive sales and marketing solutions, delivering custom strategies and expert execution to maximize ROI, even without an extensive in-house team or resources.

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